DESTINY: Sweeper Bot Build (Punished Props Academy)

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<-- EVA Foam Fabrication

Follow along as Britt works on her costume build for DragonCon! The character is her favorite from the video game Destiny.

Robot Feet

This first video takes the EVA foam robot feet all the way from templates, to cutting and gluing, and even adding the shoe attachments.

Tools and Materials here.

Robot Forearms

On this live stream, Britt shows how she made the template for these rectangular robot forearms. Then, cuts and shapes the bracer from 6mm craft foam and test fits the design. The Broombot costume continues!

Tools and Materials here.

MORE Robot Arms

More of the robot arms are crafted during this live stream. Britt continues the progress on her Sweeper Bot costume, from Destiny, and makes the hand plate and bicep arm pieces out of EVA foam.

Tools and Materials here.

Robot Legs

Britt uses EVA foam to make robot legs! The Sweeper Bot, from the video game Destiny, is coming together as Britt shows how to template, cut, and glue foam into the shapes needed for leg attachments.

Tools and Materials here.

Robot Torso

Britt crafts an EVA foam robot torso for her Destiny Sweeper Bot build! How to make the chest, side panels, and back are covered in this project. The base shape was crafted two times–once with cheap Harbor Freight floormats that have been used, then again with new, higher quality floormats purchased online.

Tools and Materials here.

Robot Helmet

Britt shows you how she turned the Sweeper Bot’s robot head design into a wearable helmet. The first step was vacuum forming a visor with PET-G plastic, then tinting the visor blue. The helmet was crafted from EVA foam, leaving room for all the cool electronics.

Tools and Materials here.

Sweeper Bot Broom

To help Brittany finish up her Destiny Sweeper Bot costume, Bill built a space broom out of EVA foam floor mats!

Tools and Materials here.

Credit: Punished Props Academy